Friday Night Funkin' vs Nonsense

Friday Night Funkin' vs Nonsense


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 Friday Night Funkin' vs Nonsense is a quirky mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. Here's the rundown:

The Premise (prepare for weirdness):

Boyfriend, our rhythm-battling protagonist, encounters a seemingly ordinary guy named Nonsense. Things go south quickly when Boyfriend pulls out a gun and...well, let's just say Nonsense isn't fazed. He transforms into a rap-battling maniac! Boyfriend, confused but determined, throws down rhymes to defeat Nonsense.


It follows the classic Friday Night Funkin' formula. You tap the arrow keys in time with the music to win the rap battle. This mod offers multiple difficulty levels, so it caters to both rhythm game veterans and newcomers.

The Nonsense of it All:

Friday Night Funkin' vs Nonsense is known for its humor. The story takes nonsensical turns, the music is intentionally wacky, and there are even cutscenes that add to the absurdity. If you're looking for a serious challenge or a lore-heavy story, this might not be the mod for you. But if you want some laughs and a fun rhythm challenge, Friday Night Funkin' vs Nonsense is a great pick.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

How to Win?


  • Master the Rhythm: The core gameplay remains true to Friday Night Funkin'. You'll need to hit those arrow keys in sync with the music. Practice makes perfect, so don't be discouraged if you miss some notes at first. There are multiple difficulty settings, so pick one that suits your skill level.

  • Embrace the Nonsense: This mod thrives on its absurdity. Laugh at the weirdness, the unexpected turns, and the wacky music. It's more about having fun than taking things seriously.

  • Outlast Nonsense (Musically): While the story is lighthearted, you still need to win the rap battle. Keep hitting those notes and watch your health bar go up, while Nonsense's depletes. The longer you stay in the rhythm, the closer you get to victory.


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