Friday Night Funkin': Sarvente's Mid Fight Masses

Friday Night Funkin': Sarvente's Mid Fight Masses


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Friday Night Funkin': Sarvente's Mid Fight Masses isn't your typical FNF mod. Instead of facing off against Daddy Dearest or Pico, Boyfriend finds himself in a heavenly showdown with a charismatic nun named Sarvente. This mod, created by the talented team of Kuroao Animal, Dokki Doodle, and Mike Geno, is more than just catchy tunes and challenging rhythm battles; it's a story of redemption, deception, and ultimately, the power of music.

Divine Beats and Angelic Antagonists:

The first thing that grabs you in MFM is the unique setting. Boyfriend and Girlfriend stumble into a hidden church, encountering Sarvente and her gruff angel companion, Ruv. The music reflects the religious theme, with gospel choirs, organ riffs, and even a dash of heavy metal creating a truly original soundscape. The visuals are equally stunning, with detailed character designs and vibrant church backgrounds that bring the world to life.

Beyond the Funk: A Story Unfolds:

But MFM is more than just aesthetics. The mod boasts a surprisingly deep and emotional storyline. As Boyfriend rap battles his way through the week, he uncovers secrets about Sarvente's past and her motivations. Sarvente, despite her angelic appearance, holds a dark secret: she's a demon trapped in a nun's body, forever yearning for redemption. Ruv, her stoic counterpart, stands by her side, torn between his love for Sarvente and his duty to Heaven.

The story unfolds through clever dialogue and cutscenes, exploring themes of faith, forgiveness, and the struggle between good and evil. While Boyfriend's primary goal is to escape the church with Girlfriend, he becomes unwittingly entangled in Sarvente's plight, offering a ray of hope for her salvation through the power of music.

More Than Just a Mod:

MFM's impact extends beyond the FNF community. The mod's original soundtrack has garnered millions of listens online, with catchy tunes like "Parish" and "Zavodila" becoming instant fan favorites. The characters of Sarvente, Ruv, and even the mischievous angel Selever have spawned countless fan art, cosplay, and even original music.

The Final Notes:

Friday Night Funkin': Sarvente's Mid Fight Masses is a true testament to the creative power of the FNF modding community. It's a mod that pushes boundaries, offering a unique blend of rhythm gameplay, compelling narrative, and stunning visuals. Whether you're a die-hard FNF fan or simply looking for a fresh and innovative musical experience, MFM is a must-play. So grab your microphone, head to the church, and prepare to rap your way into redemption!


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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