Friday Night Funkin' vs Shaggy x Matt

Friday Night Funkin' vs Shaggy x Matt


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Friday Night Funkin' vs Shaggy x Matt is a fan-made mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). This mod takes a surprising turn, teaming up two previously separate challenge characters: Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo and Matt from Wii Sports.

Facing a Powerful Team-Up

Instead of facing Boyfriend (the game's protagonist) in a rap battle for Girlfriend's affection, the player now contends with both Shaggy and Matt. This mod offers a unique twist, throwing double the challenge at the player.

Shaggy and Matt's Powers Combine

Both Shaggy and Matt are known for their internet memes portraying them as surprisingly powerful beings. This mod leans into that concept, with Shaggy and Matt potentially utilizing their exaggerated abilities during the musical battles.

Content of the Mod

The mod features a full week of original songs with varying difficulties. These songs likely combine elements of Shaggy's laid-back persona and Matt's energetic Wii Sports vibes. Some versions of the mod even include cutscenes and special mechanics to enhance the experience.

Finding the Mod

While not an official release, the Shaggy x Matt mod can be found on websites like GameBanana. There you'll find information on downloading and installing the mod to play it yourself.

A Note on Shipping

It's important to clarify that Shaggy x Matt refers to them teaming up as characters, not necessarily a romantic pairing.

Friday Night Funkin' vs Shaggy x Matt offers a fun and challenging twist on the base game's formula. By bringing together two internet legends, this mod provides a unique rhythm game experience for FNF fans.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

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