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FNF: CATFIGHT is a mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). It injects some feline fury into the game with a single song titled "Mrow" that comes in two flavors: "Silly" and "F**ked."

Here's what you can expect from the CATFIGHT mod:

  • Feline Fury: The mod replaces the usual Boyfriend character with two cats, facing off in a heated rap battle. The art style is unique and quirky, with the emote-like cats expressing their competitive spirit.
  • Musical Mayhem: The "Mrow" song is the heart of the mod. It comes in two versions - "Silly" and "Fked." These offer contrasting experiences: "Silly" is likely more lighthearted and playful, while "Fked" might be a more intense and fast-paced version.
  • Community Made Fun: FNF: CATFIGHT is a creation of the modding community. It's a fun little addition to the game, offering a new song and characters to challenge your rhythm skills.


Using Mouse and Keyboard


  • Practice Makes Purrfect: As with any rhythm game, practice is key. Play the song repeatedly to get familiar with the rhythm and button prompts.
  • Pay Attention to the Kitties: The cats might give visual cues to upcoming notes. Keep an eye on their expressions and animations to anticipate what's next.
  • Pick Your Difficulty Wisely: Don't jump straight into "F**ked" if you're new to the game. Start with "Silly" to get a feel for the song and gradually increase the difficulty as you improve.
  • Focus on the Beat: It's all about hitting the buttons in time with the music. Don't get distracted by the visuals – concentrate on the rhythm and internalize the timing of the notes.
  • Use Resources: If you're stuck on a particularly tricky part, there might be helpful resources online. Look for gameplay videos or tutorials focusing on the "Mrow" song in FNF: CATFIGHT. These can give you valuable insights on how to tackle specific sections.

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