FNF: Mario's Monday Night Massacre

FNF: Mario's Monday Night Massacre


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FNF: Mario's Monday Night Massacre is a mod of the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). In this mod, Mario, the iconic Nintendo character, takes on the role of the protagonist. The gameplay mechanics remain similar to the original FNF game, where players engage in rhythm-based battles against various opponents. However, in this mod, Mario faces off against different characters in musical showdowns on Monday nights. The mod introduces new songs, characters, and visuals, all themed around the Mario universe. It provides fans with a fresh and entertaining twist on the FNF experience by combining it with the beloved world of Mario.


  1. Rhythm-Based Battles: The core of the gameplay revolves around rhythmic battles. Mario faces off against opponents in a series of musical showdowns where players must hit the correct arrow keys or buttons in time with the beat of the music.

  2. Arrow Inputs: During gameplay, arrows representing different directional inputs (up, down, left, and right) appear on the screen. Players need to press the corresponding arrow keys or buttons on their keyboard or controller as the notes align with the target area.

  3. Health Bar: Mario and his opponent each have a health bar that depletes or increases based on the accuracy of the player's inputs. Successfully hitting arrows on beat fills Mario's progress bar, while missing notes causes the bar to decrease.

  4. Music Tracks: Each level features a unique music track that sets the rhythm for the battle. These tracks are often remixes or original compositions inspired by the Mario universe.

  5. Visuals and Theme: The game features visuals and themes inspired by the Mario franchise. Characters, backgrounds, and animations are all designed to reflect the iconic elements of the Mario universe.

  6. Difficulty Levels: Like in the original Friday Night Funkin', players can choose from different difficulty levels to suit their skill level and preference. Higher difficulties feature faster-paced rhythms and more complex patterns.

  7. Story Mode: Some mods, including Mario's Monday Night Massacre, may include a story mode where players progress through a series of levels, each with its unique challenges and opponents.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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