FNF Skibidi Toilet – Toilet Night War

FNF Skibidi Toilet – Toilet Night War


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FNF Skibidi Toilet – Toilet Night War is a mod version of the game FNF. Prepare yourself because in this game you're not fighting rappers or rock stars - you're going up against singing toilets!


  • Rhythm Game: It follows the classic Friday Night Funkin' formula where you hit the notes in time with the music to win the rap battle.
  • Unique Opponent: Instead of the usual characters, you face off against singing toilets inspired by the song "Skibidi."
  • New Character: You take control of the Cameraman, a new playable character for this mod

How to play?

    1. Arrows: Arrows will appear on the screen coming from the opponent (the toilets in this case).
    2. Pressing Keys: Match the timing of the arrows by pressing the corresponding keys on your keyboard (usually the arrow keys, WASD, or Enter).
    3. Health Bar: Hitting the notes correctly fills your health bar while missing them depletes it. Win by keeping your health bar up until the song ends.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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