FNF: Tricky & Whitty vs Tabi & Agoti

FNF: Tricky & Whitty vs Tabi & Agoti


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FNF: Tricky & Whitty vs Tabi & Agoti is a crossover mod that brings together two of the most popular characters from the Friday Night Funkin' universe: Tricky and Whitty, and pits them against Tabi and Agoti. This mod offers a unique and thrilling musical showdown that fans of the game have been eagerly anticipating.

Here's what you can expect:

  • An Explosive Mashup: The mod features a unique twist, pitting two pairs against each other in a musical clash. Tricky and Agoti team up to take on the formidable duo of Whitty and Tabi.
  • High-Energy Music: Each character brings their signature style to the battle, resulting in intense and fast-paced rap battles that will test your rhythm skills.
  • Challenging Gameplay: Get ready for a true test of your reflexes as you navigate through intricate note patterns and challenging combinations.
  • Character Interactions: While the mod primarily focuses on the musical battles, it also offers glimpses into potential interactions between these powerful characters, adding intrigue to the overall experience.

Here are some additional details about the characters:

  • Tricky the Clown: The infamous murder clown returns with his unpredictable and chaotic ways. Expect tricky rhythms and mind-bending visuals.
  • Whitty: The ballistic bomb boyfriend brings his explosive personality and intense guitar riffs to the stage.
  • Tabi: The ex-agent turned avenger delivers dark and emotional rap verses, pushing the limits of the music.
  • Agoti: The mysterious cat with a love for golden apples throws down some funky beats and adds a unique electronic flavor to the mix.

Beyond just the gameplay, FNF: Tricky & Whitty vs Tabi & Agoti offers a rich narrative experience, exploring the motivations and backstories of each character as they face off in epic rap battles. Whether it's Tricky's quest for chaos, Whitty's fiery determination, Tabi's ninja prowess, or Agoti's mysterious agenda, players are drawn into a compelling tale of rivalry, friendship, and self-discovery.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

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