FNF vs Mid Fight Masses Deluxe Edition

FNF vs Mid Fight Masses Deluxe Edition


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FNF vs Mid Fight Masses Deluxe Edition brings together two beloved indie games in a rhythm showdown of epic proportions. Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) gained immense popularity for its addictive gameplay, catchy music, and stylish visuals, while "Mid-Fight Masses" impressed players with its unique art style, challenging levels, and engaging narrative. This deluxe edition merges the best elements of both games into an electrifying crossover experience.

In this crossover edition, players dive into a narrative-rich campaign mode where Boyfriend, the protagonist of FNF, finds himself in the mysterious world of Mid-Fight Masses. Guided by the enigmatic Lemon Demon, Boyfriend must navigate through a series of intense rhythm battles against formidable adversaries from both games, including the iconic Tankman, Pico, Tricky the Clown, and more.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Master the Basics: Before diving into the more challenging levels, make sure you've mastered the basic mechanics of rhythm games. Practice hitting the beats accurately and timing your inputs perfectly.

  2. Study Patterns: Pay attention to the rhythm patterns in each song. Some levels may have complex patterns that repeat throughout the song. Once you recognize these patterns, it becomes easier to anticipate the upcoming beats.

  3. Stay Relaxed: Rhythm games can be intense, but try to stay relaxed and focused. Tension in your muscles can lead to mistimed inputs. Take deep breaths and stay calm, especially during challenging sections.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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