FNF vs Mommy Long Legs (Poppy Playtime)

FNF vs Mommy Long Legs (Poppy Playtime)


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FNF vs Mommy Long Legs (Poppy Playtime) is a popular mod that brings the creepy thrills of Poppy Playtime into the world of Friday Night Funkin'.

Story and Antagonists:

  • Boyfriend, our rhythmic hero, finds himself in the abandoned Playtime Co. factory, searching for his beloved Girlfriend.
  • He encounters two terrifying foes:
    • Huggy Wuggy, the infamous blue plush monster, makes a cameo appearance.
    • Mommy Long Legs, the main antagonist from Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, takes center stage.


  • Boyfriend navigates the factory's dark corridors, facing off against Mommy Long Legs in rap battles.
  • The mod features multiple songs with increasing difficulty, including:
    • "Hug Me": A tense encounter with Huggy Wuggy in the vents.
    • "Special Guest": Anticipation builds as Mommy Long Legs makes her presence known.
    • "Mommy Time": The showdown against the long-limbed monstrosity.

Overall Experience:

  • This mod offers a unique musical rhythm and horror blend, testing your skills against the iconic Poppy Playtime villain.
  • Expect creepy visuals, catchy tunes, and the constant threat of Mommy Long Legs' menacing presence.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

Tips to Win


  • Start with Hug Me: This song is generally considered the easiest and a good warm-up. Familiarize yourself with the controls and the rhythm before tackling the tougher challenges.
  • Practice Specific Sections: Once you get comfortable with a song, identify sections that consistently give you trouble. Isolate them and practice them repeatedly until you can nail them consistently.
  • Play on Easy Mode: If you're new to FNF mods or find the difficulty overwhelming, start with the easy mode. This allows you to learn the patterns without the pressure of immediate failure.

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