FNF Vs. Super Mario Bros (Funk Mix DX)

FNF Vs. Super Mario Bros (Funk Mix DX)


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FNF Vs. Super Mario Bros (Funk Mix DX) is a mod that takes the rhythmic rap battles of Friday Night Funkin' and injects a hefty dose of Nintendo nostalgia by pitting Boyfriend against none other than the iconic plumber himself, Mr. Mario.

In this funky crossover, players find themselves grooving to the beats as Boyfriend faces off against Mario in a series of intense rap battles. With each round, the stakes get higher as the rhythm intensifies, challenging players to keep up with the flow and hit those notes with precision.

But just when things are heating up and it seems like Boyfriend might have the upper hand, the nefarious Bowser crashes the party, throwing a wrench into the mix. With a devious grin, Bowser snatches up Girlfriend, throwing a new twist into the storyline and setting the stage for an epic rescue mission.

As Boyfriend, players must now navigate through Bowser's treacherous castle, facing off against a slew of Mario-themed foes and obstacles, all while keeping the beat and striving to rescue Girlfriend from the clutches of the dastardly Koopa King.

With its catchy tunes, challenging gameplay, and nostalgic nods to the world of Super Mario Bros, FNF Vs. Super Mario Bros (Funk Mix DX) delivers a unique and electrifying gaming experience that will have players tapping their toes and rapping along with the rhythm.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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