FNF Vs. Tricky: Banbuds Goblin Files

FNF Vs. Tricky: Banbuds Goblin Files


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FNF Vs. Tricky: Banbuds Goblin Files was a Friday Night Funkin' mod that was in development, but unfortunately never officially released. However, a cancelled build was leaked, giving players a glimpse of what could have been. The mod was created by Banbuds, a popular figure in the FNF modding community, and it featured Tricky the Clown from the Madness Combat series as the main antagonist.

The leaked build only contained one week of gameplay, with a single song called "Violence." The song was a high-energy track with challenging charting, and it was well-received by players who were able to try out the mod. The leaked build also featured some new mechanics, such as hazards that could damage Boyfriend and Tricky's ability to summon objects to attack Boyfriend.

Despite the positive reception to the leaked build, Banbuds decided to cancel the mod in October 2023. The reasons for the cancellation are unclear, but Banbuds has said that they were no longer happy with the direction of the mod and that they wanted to focus on other projects.

While FNF Vs. Tricky: Banbuds Goblin Files may never be officially released, but the leaked build has given players a taste of what could have been. The mod's challenging gameplay, catchy music, and unique mechanics made it a standout among FNF mods, and it is a shame that it was never finished.

Here are some additional details about the mod:

  • The mod was originally planned to have multiple weeks, each with its unique song and mechanics.
  • The leaked build was only playable for a short time before it was taken down from the internet.
  • Some fans of the mod have created their versions of the cancelled weeks, but these are not official releases.

Overall, FNF Vs. Tricky: Banbuds Goblin Files is a reminder of the potential of the FNF modding community. Even though the mod was cancelled, it left a lasting impression on players and showed what can be achieved with creativity and hard work.


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