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FNF VS Yourself (Eye To Eye) is a mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. In this mod, you face off against a character who is essentially your reflection, referred to as Yourself. The mod features new songs, backgrounds, and dialogue, providing a unique and challenging experience for players familiar with the original game. Like other mods in the Friday Night Funkin' community, FNF vs Yourself (Eye to Eye) adds fresh content and gameplay twists to keep the game engaging for its fanbase.


  1. New Character: Yourself: The mod introduces a new character named Yourself, who serves as your opponent in the game. Yourself is essentially your reflection, creating an intriguing and symbolic dynamic in the gameplay.

  2. Original Songs: The mod includes new original songs for players to groove to. These songs are specifically tailored to fit the theme and atmosphere of the mod, providing fresh challenges and musical experiences.

  3. Custom Backgrounds: FNF vs Yourself (Eye to Eye) features custom backgrounds that enhance the visual aesthetics of the game. These backgrounds help set the mood for each song and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the mod.

  4. Dialogue: Like in the original Friday Night Funkin' game, this mod includes dialogue exchanges between characters. These dialogues often add humor, context, and story elements to the gameplay, enriching the player's experience.

  5. Challenging Gameplay: As with other mods in the Friday Night Funkin' community, FNF vs Yourself (Eye to Eye) offers challenging gameplay that tests players' rhythm and reflexes. The difficulty of the songs and patterns may vary, providing a suitable challenge for players of different skill levels.

  6. Community Creation: This mod, like many others in the Friday Night Funkin' community, is created by fans for fans. It showcases the creativity and talent within the community, allowing players to enjoy new content and experiences within the game they love.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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