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Friday Night Funkin' Reversed is a fan-made modification (mod) of the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. In this mod, the gameplay mechanics are reversed, meaning that players must hit the arrow keys in the opposite direction of the arrows on the screen to match the beat and progress through the levels.

This reversal of gameplay adds an extra layer of challenge for players familiar with the original game, as they have to rewire their muscle memory to adapt to the new mechanics. Additionally, Friday Night Funkin' Reversed often features new custom songs, characters, and visual elements created by the modding community, further enhancing the gameplay experience for fans of the original game.


  1. Opposite Direction: When arrows scroll toward the top of the screen, players must hit the corresponding arrow key in the opposite direction. For example, if an arrow is pointing up, the player must hit the down arrow key.

  2. Rhythm Matching: As with the original game, players must match the beat of the music by pressing the arrow keys at the right time. Each arrow corresponds to a specific beat or note in the song.

  3. Accuracy: Players earn points based on how accurately they hit the arrows in reverse. Timing is crucial, and players must hit the arrows precisely on the beat to maximize their score.

  4. Progression: Just like in Friday Night Funkin', players progress through levels by completing songs. Each level typically increases in difficulty, challenging players to adapt to the reversed gameplay mechanics.

  5. Custom Content: Friday Night Funkin' Reversed"often features custom songs, characters, and visual elements created by the modding community. These additions can vary widely and contribute to the overall appeal and replay value of the mod.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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