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FNF [Full Week] is a popular mod for the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). It adds a brand new week to the game, featuring new characters, songs, and stories.


The story of FNF [Full Week] revolves around Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who are on a date in a park. They stumble upon a mysterious carnival, where they are challenged to a rap battle by the carnival's owner, a mischievous imp named Jester. Jester is impressed by Boyfriend's skills and offers him a deal: if he can win all three rap battles against him, Jester will let Boyfriend and Girlfriend leave. But if Boyfriend loses, Jester will trap them in the carnival forever!


  • Boyfriend: The main playable character, is a young man with a blue cap and red sneakers. He's known for his rapping skills and laid-back attitude.
  • Girlfriend: Boyfriend's girlfriend, a pink-haired girl who cheers him on during rap battles.
  • Jester: The main antagonist, a mischievous imp who runs the carnival. He's a skilled rapper and loves to play tricks on people.
  • Tricky: Jester's assistant, a clown with a mischievous grin. He doesn't speak much, but he's always up to something.
  • Monster: A large, hulking creature that appears in the third song of the week. He's not very bright, but he's incredibly strong.


The songs in FNF [Full Week] are all catchy and original, with a mix of different styles. Some of the most popular songs include:

  • Carnival: The first song of the week, which sets the stage for the carnival setting.
  • Spooky: The second song, features a spooky Halloween theme.
  • Monster: The third song, which is a fast-paced and challenging battle against the Monster.


The gameplay in FNF [Full Week] is similar to the original FNF. The boyfriend must match the arrows that appear on the screen to the rhythm of the music. If he misses too many arrows, he'll lose the battle.


FNF [Full Week] has been well-received by fans of FNF. It's praised for its catchy songs, fun characters, and challenging gameplay. The mod has been downloaded over a million times and has spawned a large community of fans.

Overall, FNF [Full Week] is a great mod for fans of FNF. It's a fun and challenging addition to the game, with catchy songs, memorable characters, and a unique story. If you're looking for a new FNF mod to play, I highly recommend FNF [Full Week].


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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