Friday Night Funkin’ Pibby: Apocalypse

Friday Night Funkin’ Pibby: Apocalypse


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Friday Night Funkin' Pibby: Apocalypse is a thrilling and intense rhythm game mod that throws Boyfriend and Girlfriend into a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the dark corruption from Learning With Pibby. Developed by TheKylevi, Requiem Zero, and Baudas70, this mod isn't just a visual overhaul; it's a complete reimagining of the FNF experience, offering:

A Gripping Story:

The once vibrant characters of the cartoon world are now corrupted, twisted versions of their former selves. Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves amidst the chaos, determined to find a way to restore the world and its inhabitants. The mod unfolds through cutscenes and dialogue, adding depth and intrigue to the rhythmic battles.

Challenging Gameplay:

Pibby: Apocalypse isn't for the faint of heart. The mod introduces new mechanics and difficulty levels that will test even the most seasoned FNF players. Be prepared for faster arrows, trickier patterns, and unexpected twists that will keep you on your toes.

Hauntingly Beautiful Soundtrack:

The music in Pibby: Apocalypse is nothing short of phenomenal. Each song perfectly captures the dark and desperate atmosphere of the corrupted world, with distorted melodies, intense beats, and haunting vocals. Tracks like "Pibby Time," "Child's Play," and "My Amazing World" have become instant fan favorites.

Unique Visuals:

The mod's art style is a perfect blend of FNF's vibrant colors and Learning With Pibby's unsettling glitchiness. The corrupted characters are both terrifying and fascinating, with distorted features, malfunctioning limbs, and eyes glowing with the ominous static.


Pibby: Apocalypse is a true community effort, featuring collaborations with other popular mods like The Grieving Day in Funkin, Helluva Boss Funkin, Cartoon Corruption, and Pibby Oggy. This adds even more variety and excitement to the gameplay experience.

Constant Updates:

The developers of Pibby: Apocalypse are dedicated to improving the mod and adding new content. New weeks, characters, and songs are regularly released, keeping the community engaged and excited.

Whether you're a die-hard FNF fan or simply looking for a unique and challenging rhythm game experience, Friday Night Funkin' Pibby: Apocalypse is worth checking out. Just be prepared for a dark and gritty adventure that will push your skills to the limit.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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