Friday Night Funkin': Crossed Out

Friday Night Funkin': Crossed Out


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Friday Night Funkin': Crossed Out, also known as Indie Cross, takes the signature rhythm game we all know and throws a sinister twist onto it. Instead of love-struck melodies and friendly rap battles, our blue-haired protagonist Boyfriend finds himself facing off against a vengeful trio: Cuphead, Sans, and Bendy.

More Than Just a Remix:

Imagine this: you've just conquered Cuphead, Sans, and Bendy in a musical showdown. They, however, aren't so keen on accepting defeat. In Crossed Out, these iconic indie game characters unite, fueled by revenge, to finally silence Boyfriend's microphone. The game isn't simply a rehash of their previous songs; it's a full-blown escalation. Each character receives a "Nightmare" makeover, sporting distorted visuals and aggressive melodies. Cuphead's playful jazz transforms into a chaotic swing rhythm, Sans' laid-back beats morph into bone-crushing electronica, and Bendy's cartoonish tunes become demonic lullabies.

Facing the Fury:

The gameplay remains familiar: tap arrows to the beat, match your Boyfriend's vocals, and fill up the progress bar. But Crossed Out cranks up the difficulty. The arrow patterns are faster, the timing windows tighter, and the consequences of missing a beat are more punishing. Prepare for your fingers to dance on the keyboard while your heart races against the relentless tempo.

Beyond the Beats:

Crossed Out isn't just a challenge for your rhythm, it's a treat for your eyes and ears. The art style takes a darker turn, reflecting the characters' newfound hostility. Cuphead's rubber-hose animation becomes jagged and twitchy, Sans' pixelated grin transforms into a menacing leer, and Bendy's ink-dripped form contorts into monstrous shapes. The music, composed by talented artists like bbpanzu and DAGames, is a masterclass in blending catchy melodies with dark undertones. Each song feels like a desperate struggle for survival, both for Boyfriend and the listener's sanity.

More Than Just a Mod:

Crossed Out transcends the boundaries of a typical Friday Night Funkin' mod. It's a fresh, challenging experience that reinterprets beloved characters and throws them into a thrilling, musically-powered battle. Whether you're a rhythm game veteran or a casual FNF fan, Crossed Out offers a unique and exhilarating test of your skills and your nerves. So, are you ready to face the fury of the Nightmares? Just remember, in Crossed Out, the only way out is to outrhythm your opponents.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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