FNF EGADS (Luigi Mansion)

FNF EGADS (Luigi Mansion)


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FNF EGADS (Luigi Mansion) is a thrilling crossover between two beloved franchises: Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) and Luigi's Mansion. Developed by indie game creators, this fusion takes players on a musical ghost-hunting adventure like never before.


In FNF EGADS, players step into the shoes of Luigi, the iconic ghostbuster from the "Mario" series. However, instead of using his trusty Poltergust to vacuum up spirits, Luigi engages in intense rap battles against ghosts haunting the mansion.

Gameplay & Features

The gameplay mechanics closely resemble those of Friday Night Funkin', a rhythm-based game where players must hit notes in time with the music to progress through levels. However, FNF EGADS adds a unique twist by incorporating elements from the Luigi's Mansion series. Players must rap battle against various ghosts, each with their own distinct style and musical genre.

As players progress through the mansion, they encounter familiar characters from the Luigi's Mansion universe, such as Professor E. Gadd, King Boo, and the mischievous portrait ghosts. Each character presents a new challenge in the form of rap battles, testing the player's rhythm and reflexes.

The game features a diverse soundtrack that combines catchy beats with eerie melodies, perfectly blending the worlds of Friday Night Funkin' and Luigi's Mansion. From spooky hip-hop tracks to haunting techno beats, the music sets the tone for each encounter with the mansion's spectral inhabitants.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

How to play?

  1. Choose Your Mode: Start by selecting your preferred game mode. You can embark on the single-player campaign to explore the haunted mansion and progress through the storyline, or you can opt for multiplayer mode to challenge friends or collaborate in ghost-busting rap battles.

  2. Select Your Character: Once you've chosen your mode, you'll typically play as Luigi, the fearless ghost hunter. However, in certain modes or unlockable features, you may have the option to play as other characters from the "Mario" universe, each with their unique abilities and style.

  3. Navigate the Mansion: Use the directional keys or joystick to navigate Luigi through the eerie corridors and rooms of the haunted mansion. Explore each area thoroughly to uncover hidden secrets, encounter ghosts, and progress through the storyline.

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