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FNF Fire In The Hole


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About FNF Fire In The Hole

FNF Fire In The Hole isn't an official song in Friday Night Funkin', but it's a popular mod that throws our favorite rhythm battler, Boyfriend, into a challenge against a character from another game: Normal from Geometry Dash.

This mod brings the fast-paced intensity of Geometry Dash to Friday Night Funkin'. The song, also called "Fire In The Hole," features energetic beats and lyrics referencing classic Geometry Dash elements like obstacles and checkpoints.

Here's what you can expect with the Fire In The Hole mod:

  • New opponent: Take on Normal, the cube character from Geometry Dash.
  • Original song: "Fire In The Hole" is a fast-paced track that will test your reflexes alongside your rhythm skills.
  • Geometry Dash references: The song and visuals incorporate elements from Geometry Dash to create a truly crossover experience.


  • Fresh Challenge: If you find the base game of Friday Night Funkin' a bit easy, "Fire In The Hole" injects new difficulty with its fast-paced rhythm and challenging patterns. It will put your reflexes and rhythm skills to the test.
  • New Content: The mod offers entirely new content, including a unique opponent (Normal from Geometry Dash) and an original song. This adds variety and keeps things interesting for players who've experienced the core game.
  • Crossover Fun: For fans of both Friday Night Funkin' and Geometry Dash, the mod provides a delightful crossover experience. It combines elements from both games, creating a unique mashup that offers a fresh perspective.
  • Replayability: Different versions of the mod with varying difficulty levels or updates to the song offer opportunities to keep returning and testing your skills as you improve.
  • Free to Play: The mod itself is downloadable for free, providing a great way to expand your Friday Night Funkin' experience without spending extra money.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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