FNF Rainbow Friends Battle Mod

FNF Rainbow Friends Battle Mod


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FNF Rainbow Friends Battle Mod brings the vibrant and mysterious world of Fragment Games' top horror Roblox game, Rainbow Friends, into the rhythmic universe of Friday Night Funkin'. This mod introduces a pseudo-3D experience, likely incorporating elements from the Roblox game to create a unique and visually engaging crossover.

Key Features:

  1. Pseudo-3D Design: The mod likely utilizes a pseudo-3D visual style to capture the essence of Rainbow Friends within the 2D environment of Friday Night Funkin'. This could involve the creative use of textures, shading, and perspective to mimic the three-dimensional feel.

  2. Rainbow-Themed Aesthetics: Given the title, the mod likely features a colorful and rainbow-themed aesthetic. Expect vibrant backgrounds, characters, and elements inspired by the Rainbow Friends Roblox game.

  3. Musical Battles: Staying true to the core gameplay of Friday Night Funkin', the mod presents players with musical battles against characters from Rainbow Friends. Each battle is likely accompanied by custom songs that complement the theme and atmosphere of Rainbow Friends.

  4. Story Integration: Mods often include a narrative to tie the new characters and environments into the existing FNF world. Players may experience a storyline that connects the Rainbow Friends characters with the Boyfriend and Girlfriend from Friday Night Funkin'.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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