FNF RUSH E but BOYFRIEND plays it on Piano

FNF RUSH E but BOYFRIEND plays it on Piano


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FNF RUSH E but BOYFRIEND plays it on Piano is a captivating rendition where the beloved protagonist, Boyfriend, takes center stage with nothing but his trusty piano.

As the curtains rise, players are greeted with a familiar sight: Boyfriend, sitting poised at his grand piano, ready to embark on a musical journey unlike any other. The neon-lit backdrop pulsates in rhythm with the energetic tunes awaiting to be unleashed.

The gameplay mechanics remain faithful to the essence of Friday Night Funkin', with players tasked to hit notes in sync with the music. However, instead of the traditional button prompts, players must now tap the piano keys in harmony with the on-screen cues. Each note resonates with the smooth precision only a piano can offer, adding a layer of sophistication to the gameplay.

How to play?

  1. Select Your Song: Begin by choosing a song from the available tracklist. Each song offers a unique musical journey with varying levels of difficulty.

  2. Choose Your Difficulty: FNF RUSH E: The Piano Sonata typically offers multiple difficulty levels, ranging from easy to expert. Select a difficulty level that suits your skill level and preference.

  3. Follow the On-Screen Cues: Once the song begins, you'll see on-screen cues indicating which piano keys to press. These cues are synchronized with the rhythm of the music. Pay close attention to the timing and sequence of the notes.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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