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Suicide Mouse is a fan-made mod for the rhythm-based indie game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). The mod is inspired by a creepy and unsettling internet legend surrounding an alleged lost episode of an old Disney cartoon titled Suicide Mouse. According to the legend, the episode features disturbing imagery and causes psychological harm to those who watch it.

In the FNF mod, players face off against a character resembling Suicide Mouse in a series of musical battles. The mod typically includes eerie and unsettling visuals and music to capture the theme of the original legend.


  1. Story Setup: The game usually begins with a brief introduction setting up the story. In the case of Suicide Mouse, it might introduce the unsettling theme and the character you'll be facing off against.

  2. Rhythm Battles: Players engage in musical battles against various opponents. These battles typically involve taking turns with the opponent to hit notes in time with the music. Notes appear on the screen in sync with the beat, and players must press the corresponding keys or buttons at the right moment to score points.

  3. Note Types: Different types of notes may appear, such as single notes, sustained notes, and arrows indicating swipe directions. Each type requires a specific input from the player to hit successfully.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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