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FNF TAILS.EXE is a horror-themed mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. It was developed by a team called MarStarBro and was first released in 2021. The mod quickly gained a cult following for its creepy atmosphere and challenging gameplay.


The story of FNF TAILS.EXE takes place after the events of the original Friday Night Funkin' game. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are challenged to a rap battle by Tails, but they soon realize that something is wrong. Tails has been corrupted by a mysterious entity known as "EXE" and is now a twisted, murderous version of himself.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend must now rap battle Tails.EXE to save Tails and defeat EXE. However, EXE is a powerful opponent, and the stakes are high. If Boyfriend and Girlfriend lose, they will be trapped in Tails' warped world forever.


The gameplay of FNF TAILS.EXE is similar to that of the original Friday Night Funkin'. However, the mod is much more difficult, with faster arrow charts and more complex mechanics. The mod also features several unique mechanics, such as Tails.EXE's ability to teleport and glitch the screen.


FNF TAILS.EXE has been well-received by critics and fans alike. The mod has been praised for its creepy atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and original story. However, some critics have found the mod to be too difficult and frustrating.

Overall, FNF TAILS.EXE is a well-made and creepy mod that is sure to challenge even the most experienced Friday Night Funkin' players.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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