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FNF Vs. Bowser: Infernal Bout is a Friday Night Funkin' mod that pits Boyfriend and Girlfriend against the Koopa King himself, Bowser, in an epic rap battle showdown. It's not just your typical FNF mod, though – Infernal Bout is packed with features that make it a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

Story and Setting

The story takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Boyfriend and Girlfriend are causing their usual brand of chaos. Naturally, this attracts the attention of Bowser, who challenges them to a rap battle to settle the score. The setting for the battle is Bowser's Castle, which has been faithfully recreated in the FNF style.


The gameplay of Infernal Bout is similar to that of the base game but with a few twists. The arrow keys are still used to hit the notes, but there are also some new mechanics, such as Bowser's fire breath attacks that you need to dodge. The mod also features multiple difficulty levels, so you can challenge yourself no matter your skill level.


One of the best things about Infernal Bout is the music. The mod features 11 original songs, each of which is catchy and well-composed. The songs are all themed around Bowser and the Mushroom Kingdom, and they help to capture the atmosphere of the game.

Other Features

Infernal Bout also includes several other features that make it worth checking out. These include:

  • Multiple animated cutscenes
  • Different versions of Bowser to battle, including Dry Bowser and Meowser
  • A free play mode with additional songs
  • A secret boss fight


FNF Vs. Bowser: Infernal Bout is a fantastic mod that is sure to please fans of both Friday Night Funkin' and Super Mario Bros. The mod is well-made, fun to play, and has a great soundtrack. If you're looking for a new FNF mod to try, I highly recommend Infernal Bout.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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