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FNF Vs. Chomper is a fan-made mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). It features Chomper, the iconic carnivorous plant from the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, as the main antagonist.


The mod's story picks up after Boyfriend's intense rap battle with Gatling Pea in Week 7 of the original FNF. Gatling Pea's defeated opponent, presumably the leader of the zombies, flees underground. Boyfriend, never one to back down from a challenge, follows him into the depths, eventually encountering Chomper.

A fierce rap battle ensues, with Chomper determined to stop Boyfriend from reaching his boss and Boyfriend equally determined to prove his rapping prowess. The mod features three original songs:

  • "Diggin' It" - A high-energy opening track that sets the stage for the underground showdown.
  • "Chomp Chomp" - Chomper's fast-paced song, showcasing his playful yet aggressive personality.
  • "Gurgle" - The final showdown, with both characters giving it their all in a desperate attempt to win.


FNF Vs. Chomper retains the core gameplay of FNF, with players pressing arrow keys to match the notes on the screen. However, the mod introduces some unique mechanics:

  • Chomper's Burrow: Chomper can occasionally burrow underground, briefly disappearing from the screen and changing the note patterns.
  • Plant Power-Ups: Boyfriend can collect power-ups scattered throughout the songs, granting him temporary abilities like increased speed or double notes.
  • Bonus Stage: After completing the main songs, players can unlock a bonus stage featuring a remixed version of "Diggin' It" with even faster note patterns.


FNF Vs. Chomper has been well-received by the FNF community, praised for its catchy music, fun gameplay mechanics, and faithful recreation of Chomper's character. The mod has been downloaded over a million times and spawned numerous fan videos and artwork.

Overall, FNF Vs. Chomper is a well-crafted mod that offers a fresh and challenging experience for FNF fans. It's a must-play for anyone who enjoys rhythm games and Plants vs. Zombies.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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