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FNF Vs. Dave and Bambi is a popular and infamous mod for the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. It features two new characters, Dave and Bambi, who challenge Boyfriend to a rap battle. The mod is known for its chaotic and often nonsensical gameplay, as well as its surreal and unsettling aesthetic.


The story of Vs. Dave and Bambi are relatively simple. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are walking through the woods when they come across Dave and Bambi, who challenge them to a rap battle. Dave and Bambi are quickly revealed to be powerful and unpredictable opponents, and Boyfriend and Girlfriend have to use all their skills to defeat them.


The gameplay of Vs. Dave and Bambi is similar to that of the original Friday Night Funkin'. However, the mod is known for its unfair and challenging charts, which often feature rapid-fire notes and unconventional mechanics. The mod also features several secret songs that can be unlocked by completing certain challenges.


  • Dave: Dave is the main antagonist of the mod. He is a tall, lanky character with a blank expression and a mischievous grin. Dave is a powerful rapper who can control the game's mechanics.

  • Bambi: Bambi is Dave's sidekick. She is a small, deer-like character with large, floppy ears. Bambi is not as skilled as Dave, but she is still a formidable opponent.

  • Boyfriend: Boyfriend is the player character of Friday Night Funkin'. He is a young man who challenges various characters to rap battles.

  • Girlfriend: Girlfriend is Boyfriend's girlfriend and sidekick. She cheers her Boyfriend on during his rap battles.


FNF Vs. Dave and Bambi have been a divisive mod. Some players have praised its challenging gameplay and unique aesthetic, while others have criticized its unfairness and difficulty. The mod has also been criticized for its controversial humor.

Despite its flaws, FNF Vs. Dave and Bambi is a popular and influential mod. It has spawned numerous fan creations, including remixes, covers, and even its spin-off mods. The mod is a testament to the creativity of the Friday Night Funkin' community, and it is sure to continue to be a topic of discussion for years to come.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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