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FNF Vs. Hecker, also known as FNF: Got Heck'd!, is a popular mod for the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). It features Hecker, a mischievous cat character known from YouTuber Beluga's Discord server, as the opponent. The mod was originally created for the Game Jolt Mod Jam in 2021 but has since received a major update with even more content.


The story of FNF Vs. Hecker revolves around Boyfriend and Girlfriend challenging Hecker to a rap battle over Discord. Hecker, being the playful troll he is, decides to take things offline and drags them into the internet world. Boyfriend and Girlfriend must now rap their way through various digital landscapes to defeat Hecker and escape.


The gameplay of FNF Vs. Hecker is similar to the base FNF game. Players must press arrow keys in time with the music to match the notes on the screen. The mod features four main weeks, each with three original songs. The songs are catchy and well-composed, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to expert. The mod also features several cutscenes that advance the story and add humor.

What makes FNF Vs. Hecker special?

Several things make FNF Vs. Hecker stands out from other FNF mods.

  • The character of Hecker: Hecker is a fun and quirky character who is both endearing and frustrating. His trollish personality makes him a perfect opponent for Boyfriend.
  • The music: The music in FNF Vs. Hecker is top-notch. The songs are catchy and well-composed, and they perfectly capture the mod's atmosphere.
  • The cutscenes: The cutscenes in FNF Vs. Hecker is well-made and adds a lot to the story. They are also quite funny, thanks to Hecker's antics.
  • The replayability: FNF Vs. Hecker has a lot of replayability, thanks to its multiple difficulty levels and secret songs.

Overall, FNF Vs. Hecker is a great mod that is sure to please fans of FNF and Hecker alike. It is a well-made mod with catchy music, a fun story, and plenty of replayability.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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