FNF vs Pibby Twilight Sparkle – Dusk Till Dawn

FNF vs Pibby Twilight Sparkle – Dusk Till Dawn


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FNF vs Pibby Twilight Sparkle – Dusk Till Dawn is a thrilling rhythm game that throws Friday Night Funkin' into the dark and glitchy world of Learning With Pibby! Developed by Jakeneutron, this mod is an official entry in the Pibby universe, bringing everyone's favorite pony princess to the neon wasteland in a corruption-fueled showdown.

Story and Setting:

The game plunges Boyfriend and Girlfriend into Equestria, but not the one they know. This Equestria is consumed by the Pibby Glitch, twisting the once vibrant land into a distorted mess. Twilight Sparkle, corrupted by the glitch, challenges BF to a rap battle in the hopes of spreading the glitch further. But with Pinkie Pie joining the fray and a hidden secret waiting to be discovered, the stakes are higher than ever.


The core gameplay remains familiar to FNF fans, with arrow key-based rhythm battles against corrupted characters. However, Dusk Till Dawn throws in some unique twists:

  • Glitching mechanics: Notes and backgrounds glitch out, adding a layer of unpredictability and challenge.
  • Pinkie Pie as a playable character: After joining the fight, Pinkie Pie offers an alternative playstyle with faster-paced and more chaotic mechanics.
  • Secret phase: A hidden song awaits those who unravel the mod's mysteries, adding an extra layer of replayability.

Music and Visuals:

The soundtrack is a highlight, with catchy and intense tracks that perfectly capture the mod's dark atmosphere. Twilight Sparkle's rap lines are particularly creative, weaving Pibby lore and corrupted magic into her rhymes. The visuals are equally impressive, showcasing a corrupted Equestria in all its unsettling glory. From glitching backgrounds to Twilight Sparkle's monstrous form, the art style perfectly complements the game's tone.

Reception and Impact:

FNF vs Pibby Twilight Sparkle – Dusk Till Dawn has been met with a positive reception from fans, praised for its creative take on the Pibby universe, engaging gameplay, and stellar music. It has also sparked a wave of fan art and remixes, solidifying its place in the FNF and Pibby communities.

Overall, FNF vs Pibby Twilight Sparkle – Dusk Till Dawn is a must-play for fans of both franchises. It offers a unique and challenging rhythm game experience with a compelling story, dark visuals, and an infectious soundtrack. So, grab your mic, channel your inner rapper, and prepare to face the corrupted Twilight Sparkle in a battle for the fate of Equestria!


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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