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Super Mario Bros. Funkers is a fan-made mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). Created by AironElCrack, it takes the iconic characters and world of Super Mario Bros. and throws them into the FNF universe, resulting in a fun and challenging musical showdown.

The Story

The story of Super Mario Bros. Funkers is fairly simple: Boyfriend and Girlfriend are enjoying a picnic in the Mushroom Kingdom when they're challenged to a rap battle by Mario. Mario wants to prove his musical skills and impress Princess Peach, who is also present. Boyfriend, of course, accepts the challenge, and the two face off in a series of rhythm battles that take them through various classic Mario Bros. locations, from the Mushroom Kingdom to Bowser's Castle.

The Gameplay

Super Mario Bros. Funkers plays just like the original FNF. The boyfriend and his opponent take turns hitting arrow keys in time with the music, and the player must match the arrows that appear on the screen. The mod features five original songs, each with its unique style and difficulty. The first song, "Let's Go," is a fast-paced track that sets the tone for the mod. Other songs include "Switch" (against Luigi), "Power Ups" (against a Blue Toad), "Princess" (against Princess Peach), and "Musicon" (against Mario again).

The Reception

Super Mario Bros. Funkers has been well-received by the FNF community. The mod's catchy music, faithful recreation of the Mario Bros. characters, and challenging gameplay have all been praised. The mod has even been featured on popular YouTube channels, such as DAGames and The Completionist.

Overall, Super Mario Bros. Funkers is a great mod that is sure to please fans of both FNF and Super Mario Bros. It's a fun and challenging way to experience the world of Mario in a whole new way. If you're looking for a new FNF mod to try, I highly recommend checking it out.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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